O-Starter - the System

O-Starter is a system for training body and intellect. The system consists of orange SPORTident stations, SI cards, over 1000 prepared exercises, and the evaluation software EasyGec. O-Starter brings fun and alternation into training and leisure. It is suitable for every age group, no matter whether just starting schools or students, whole families, sports clubs or companies. Starting with simple exercises up to complex tasks, which could also be solved by a group, O-Starter trains body and intellect at the same time.

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Advantages at a glance

> Simultaneous training of body and mind

> Trains both logical and abstract thinking skills

> Ideal for education at schools and universities

> Exercises suitable for every age group

> Environmentally friendly exercises

> Very easy and quick to set up and operate

> Many varied exercises that are fun to do


The Technology

O-Starter uses special SI stations that stand out due to their orange colour. The stations register the number of the SI-Card and transmit their own code number to the SI-Card that is interfacing with. The stations are specially prepared for use in training and education, and can be used with SI-Card 8. The O-Starter Set contains SI-Card8. The orienteering stands and holders can be used to set up the stations in the field. On solid surfaces such as car parks and sports halls, SPORTident cones should be used for setting up the stations.

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The Maps

O-Starter contains over 1000 Go4O exercises that can be performed on a minimum area of 10m x 10m. These exercises are varied and versatile. The cards are small and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Around 1100 exercises in 32 series are available for immediate use. Each exercise has got six levels of difficulty, especially prepared for the O-Starter. The practical evaluation files are included for all exercises so that the preparation effort is minimal.

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The Evaluation

The SI card stores the start and finish times as well as the expired control points and their sequence. The EasyGec software is used for evaluation on the PC. It is a simple evaluation software which immediately displays the result and the running time to each participant. The laughing green smiley appears and applauds when the task has been completed correctly. If the task was not completed correctly, the red smiley appears.

EasyGec has import and export interfaces that allow quick and easy generation of course data and publication of results. The specification of the participant names is not necessary, but possible.


 (C) photos by Edgars Sparans and SPORTident


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